Ultimate Guide to Make iPhone Faster

Ultimate Guide to Make iPhone Faster

Ultimate Guide to Make iPhone Faster

Video Presentation Skills: Get Comfortable on Camera and Make Videos FASTER!

Wamitech.com – Video presentation skills. If you’re like me, then you weren’t born with them. In fact, it took a long time for meto get comfortable on camera at all. So the good news is that there’s a few simple tipsto help you get confident much faster,and that’s what we’re about to cover off in this video. But just before we do, if this sounds like youand you thought you might be alone here,then the even better news is that you’re definitely not.

Hey guys, this is Austin. And today, I’m gonna do a video going over the new iPhone. Not the old iPhone, ’cause who would do that? What? If you do the math, what the. If you do the math, what the.

Today we’re going to talk about a couple new announcementsthat YouTube made last week, including. . . – Try and real, and, and. Also, have a look at some past trips, and– – Hey, it’s Justin Brown here from Primal Video,where we help entrepreneurs and business ownersamplify their business and brand with video. If you’re new here, then make sure you clickthat subscribe button, and all the links to everythingwe mention in this video, you can find linkedin the description box below.

Comfortable on camera

So let’s jump into it. Now, all of those people you just saware awesome creators creating a ton of videos. And I used to think that I was the only onehaving these same problems. It turns out, I’m not, and you’re not either. But all is not lost. There are some simple tips that I’m about to sharethat will get you comfortable on camera much faster than I did. And while you’re watching, make sure to shareyour number one tip for presenting on camera below. What has helped you get more comfortable on camera?

Your tip could definitely make the differenceto someone else that’s in the same position. And once we’ve covered off my tips,make sure you stick around, ’cause I’ll also share with youmy secret weapon, teleprompter apps, to handle all thosevideos that need to be a little bit more scripted. All right, so tip number one is to get all of your planningand preparation done first.

So you wanna know exactly what you wanna say,and all the things you wanna cover off in your video,before you get into the positionwhere you’re standing in front of the camera. This is gonna take the pressure offand allow you to relax and just focus on the content,instead of wondering what to say next. It all sounds so simple, but it’s gonna makea huge impact on the videos you’re creating.

Try and relax

Tip number two is to try and relax when you’re presenting your content. And don’t worry about over-editing yourself. All your bad takes and all your mistakes,you can fix up most of them in your editing. But I also give you permission
to cut sentences in half,and really break what you would thinkis best practices with video. The most important part with the video is the content,and your delivery of that content,especially if you’re helping someone or entertaining someonewith your videos, then you wanna keep the contentmoving fast and keep them engaged.

So if you have to cut sentences in half, like I am here,then feel free to do it, it’s all about the content,and don’t worry so much about those little things. People are actually becoming more and more used toseeing videos like this, especially on YouTube, and it’ll actually allow youto create the videos much, much faster. So feel free to take pauses mid-sentence, and wait for cars. So feel free to take pauses mid-sentence,or if you lost your train of thought,pause, and you can pick it up from there,and you can tighten that cut up in your editing.

Feel free to mix it

It’s not something I actually ever thought I would say, but for these types of videos on YouTube,it actually works really, really well. Tip number three is to get creative and experimentand try different things. Feel free to mix it up and try different styles. There’s really no right or wrong,this is a creative process. So try going off cuffs, try creating your videoswith just notes or dot points,and also try writing a full word-for-word script,just to see what works best for you,because you really won’t know until you try it. But the critical thing is to just be you.

Don’t try and rip off someone else’s styleand do exactly the same thing as them,it’s gotta have your flair and your personalityand your creative take on it. But trialing different types of videosis a great way to see what does work best for you. And that also includes experimenting with things likesitting versus standing. Typically, if you’re standing
and presenting your videos,you’ll get a lot more energyand a lot more presence on camera. You’ve got that flexibility
to move around a little bit,there’s better blood flow, better lung capacity,you might find that it brings a whole different type ofenergy and enthusiasm to your videos,which could make them a lot easier for you to make,and make you feel a lot more comfortable.


Tip number four is to practice. And yes, it’s another obvious-sounding one,but it really makes a huge difference. The more videos you create, the more experience you’ll have,the more confidence you’ll have,and the more comfortable you’ll be on camera,and the easier the whole process will be for you. So you really need to get used to how you look on camera,how you sound, the sound of your own voice,and those are really the thingsthat freak a lot of people out initially.

They don’t like the way they look,they don’t like the way they ound,or they think they sound and look totally differenton camera to what they actually do,or think they do, in real life. So it’s not just the practicing part here,you actually need to recordand watch back the videos yourself. Now, you are always going to be your own worst critic,so don’t be too hard on yourself,but review your videos, and each time,just by looking at your videos, you’ll pick up little thingsand you’ll learn, and your confidence and skillswill grow really, really fast.

Not worry about any bad comments

Tip number five is to not worry about any bad comments or the haters out there. You’re always gonna get negative ones, and over time,the positive ones will far outweigh the negative ones. If you’re in this, and you’re creating videos that arehelping people, then definitely keep that your focus. Unfortunately, there are people out therethat would much prefer, or find it much easier,to sit there and complain and whingeand negatively comment on videos, rather thancreate their videos and put themselves out thereand have some impact, helping people with their content. So don’t worry about it, and keep your focuson the people that appreciate your content.

Tip number six is to try and enjoy it,and to have as much fun as you can. As painful as it can be some days, creating video content,if you can have fun with it,and you try to bring some personality into your videos,it’s gonna make it much easier for your viewers to watchand enjoy your content, but it’s also gonna make it easierfor you to enjoy the processof creating the videos for your viewers. So try and enjoy it wherever you can.

Now, depending on the type of video you’re creating,a teleprompter might actually help you out. So whether it’s just dot pointsthat are gonna be displayed on-screen for you,or your full script for you to read out word-for-word. Our top teleprompter apps on smartphonego to Oratory on Android,and Teleprompter Pro on iOS.

If you’re interested in checking these out,we’ve created a video on each of them,running through how they work,and a quick review on our favorite features to use. Make sure you check out the links on the screen now,and I’ll see you soon.

  1. Interesting read, Akash. For many like myself, standing or sitting in front of the camera is no a fun thing to do. But you have made it look a lot simple. This is helpful for me and others like me.

    Thanks for sharing.

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