Speed & Features Comparison Huawei Y7 Prime vs Galaxy J7 Prime

Speed & Features Comparison Huawei Y7 Prime vs Galaxy J7 Prime

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Speed & Features Comparison Huawei Y7 Prime vs Galaxy J7 Prime


WamiTech.com – Here are Galaxy J7 Prime and Huawei Y7 Prime setup with a few identical apps for speed comparisonBoth devices are connected to the same WiFi network, if you see that. Just wiping out the memory. So, let’s start with the facebook.

Huawei Y7 Prime was a little bit quicker

Y7 Prime was a little bit quicker hereNow Facebook messenger J7 Prime was quicker with this. Now SoundCloud. J7 Prime was quicker with this one too. Here’s my favorite, 500px Y7 Prime takes the lead here. Now, iFlix Y7 Prime was first here. now both devices just sliding through the titles smoothly. Now Netflix It’s noticeable that Y7 is quicker in response,while J7 delays a bit after you tap on an icon. Netflix also appeared on Y7 first.

Let’s check the native camera app Both were same here. The dialer. Again, both were pretty much same here. Let’s try Play Store Very slight difference but J7 should be awarded. Again, I believe J7 delays in response when it’s not a native app or task. This delay, on initiating a download was significant to notice.

Galaxy J7 Prime runs out of storage

Let’s try another. Again, Y7 Prime is quicker to respond. Well, J7 runs out of storage. That’s the key difference too. Y7 Prime gives you 32GB of storagewhile J7 Prime ends up on 16GB. Let’s test the browsing. Google things are slightly quicker on J7 Prime. Let’s open techprolonged. com. Believe me, both handsets were cleared from history/cookies and cache. J7 Prime was quicker to load and renderwhich can be due to varied network response.

Trying with YouTube. Y7 Prime was first this time. As I said. both seems equal in loading and rendering time with only difference of network response. We have a lot frozen in the background. EMUI shows the memory status in background apps view. Right now it has 2. 39 GB free out of 3GB. On J7 prime we have to go to Smart Manager to check RAM status. Y7 Prime should be awarded a point for that. Ok.

Even though J7 also has 3GB of total RAM,it has allotted way more than Y7 Prime for almost same tasks and apps. It gives you only 0. 7 GB free memory. Let’s check the detail on Y7 PrimeIt’s now currently 1. 79 GB free. Y7 Prime seems to be more optimized with its software.

Let’s put some more load on these two devices. I have noticed that Asphalt Xtreme has some serious love for Y7 Prime. It somehow loads extremely quickly, even when I compared with Nokia 6. Oh crap, I must free some space over here.

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What we don’t have in Huawei Y7 Prime

Which. . . one. . . should I. . . remove. . . . What we don’t have in Y7 Prime. . Mortal Kombat!I guess, we should leave it. . . . Subway Surfer!Let’s put some more. Need for Speed!Y7 Prime seems quicker in loading these games though. Now J7 Prime is left with just over 0. 5 GB free RAMY7 Prime is with 2. 27GB. Well, that’s quite good!

Let’s check the rival app for Smart Manager, in Huawei Y7 Prime. It’s Phone Manager. It loads, finds, and reports optimizable factors in the phone. Then you can take an action. While on the J7 Prime, Smart Manager just gives you to perform an action. Clean RAM, storage etc. You can do that on Y7 Prime’s Phone Manager too. But it also gives you some more features. I’ll give Y7 Prime an extra number for that too.

So, overall,Y7 Prime with less price, better performance and better camera quality, should be awarded as a winnerHope this helps your decision. Give your thumbs up and subscribe to our channel,to not miss out any further reviews and comparisons.

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