About Us

WamiTech is a free online advisor for all kinds of your day to day technology concerns. Started by a group of tech enthusiasts, WamiTech aims to provide free guidance and support to all users of computers and related technology devices. It aims to simplify the concepts about Computer Technology for all, so that even a novice user of computer can seek, learn and master how to fix day to day issues that they face while using computers and other technology devices. Our focus is to enable any computer user to have a place that they can refer to and seek resolutions for all kinds of technical issues.

Apart from the free online resources in the form of informative articles covering all day to day technical issues faced by a computer user, we also have a team of experts in different niche, who are available to answer all your technical queries and also provide on demand assistance in resolving your concerns.

WamiTech aims to be one stop shop for all kinds of technology users. Starting from desktop and web, it aims to cover wide range of topics covering mobile technology, servers, data storage, data recovery, networking and cloud computing etc.

We earnestly hope the content on this website is relevant to all types of technology users. We pledge to advise and assist them with all their questions and issues related to technology. We are open to feedback and suggestions and would welcome any inputs and ideas on how to make this website simpler, better and user friendly.